Rooms*1-week lease
(price for 1 week)
2-week lease
(price for 2 weeks)
1-2 month lease
(price per month)
3-5 month lease
(price per month)
6-11 month lease
(price per month)
1-year lease or longer
(price per month)
1 bedroom
(52 sq. m.)
PHP 32,000PHP 58,000PHP 77,000PHP 67,000PHP 58,000PHP 48,000
2 bedroom
(87 sq. m.)
PHP 56,000PHP 102,000PHP 136,000PHP 119,000PHP 102,000PHP 80,000
2 bedroom deluxe
(111 sq. m.)
PHP 67,000PHP 118,000PHP 158,000PHP 138,000PHP 122,000PHP 102,500
3 bedroom
(157 sq. m.)
PHP 95,000PHP 173,000PHP 230,000PHP 202,000PHP 173,000PHP 144,000
3 bedroom deluxe
(230 sq. m.)
PHP 139,000PHP 253,000PHP 338,000PHP 295,000PHP 253,000PHP 211,000

  • Prices are in Philippine pesos, excluding VAT.
  • Prices do not include utilities, such as electricity, water, Internet,  cable and housekeeping, except for all stays under 1 month.
  • Advanced lease payment and a refundable security deposit is required prior to move-in date.
  • There is a two-week minimum lease period. Apartment sizes include 12 sq. m. of carpark.

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